The Boom Box Pro (June)

For our June edition we are pulling out all the Aces. Enjoy all of these products only for Rs 1999/- Subscribe to our annual package and save Rs 4100/-

1 X 3D Mixing Bowl ( small)

1 X Pocket Ashtray

1 X ActiTube Carbon Filters 

1 X Metal Ashtray

2 X Juicy Jay Flavoured Papers

1 X Slimjim Doobie Tube

1 X Glass Clear Papers

1 X Blunt Wrap King Size Papers

1 X Slimjim Grinder

1 X Slimjim Hemp Papers

2 X Slimjim Natural Skins With Tips

1 X Slimjim Ultra Slim Skins

1 X Elements Hemp King Size Skins

1 X RAW Connoisseur 

1 X Raw Perforated Wide Tips

1 X Slimjim Gold Skins

3 X Slimjim 3M Rolls

2 X Babajee Roach Pads

2 X Slimjim Roach Pads

2 X Kingpin Hemp Wraps

Buy these individually for Rs 3500/- or buy them for Rs 1999/- only with this months Boom Box. You can also subscribe to our annual and bi annual subscription packages