Slimjim's Essentials Kit

A Essentials kit with it all the session essentials you need. The box is hand curated to enhance your smoking experience and is the perfect stock up for your next few months of toking. 


The Essentials Kit Includes - 

Slimjim Prineted Roach   x1

Slimjim Natural Roach Book  x1

Slimjim Skins Original  x1

Slimjim Skins Hemp    x1

Slimjim Skins Slim      x1

Slimjim Hurri - Cones Natural   x1

Slimjim Hurri - Cones Original  x1

Slimjim Skins 3m Rolls Original  x1

Slimjim Skins 3m Rolls Natural   x1

Slimjim Skins 3m Rolls Hemp    x1

Slimjim White Gold Rolling Paper  x1

Slimjim Tool Box   x1

Slimjim Grinder   x1

Juicy Jay's Blunt Wrap   x1

Phantom Sweet Cigarettes x1



Buying these products individually will cost Rs 2150/-  but you can buy them now for Rs 999/- only