Natural American Spirit Cigarette - Organic Leaf One

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Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT)(TSE:2914), announced today that it will be launching "Natural American Spirit Organic Leaf One" nationwide in early October 2017. The features of the Natural American Spirit brand are "100% additive-free tobacco leaf(*1)", "use of only carefully selected and high quality tobacco leaf" and "densely packed tobacco leaf 

Satisfying taste with 1mg tar:
This is the first time non-menthol products have been launched with 1mg tar by the Natural American Spirit brand. The taste is full-bodied by using 25% more tobacco leaf.
Only using organic tobacco leaf:
The leaf used in the new product is cultivated with an organic farming method which was accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture with its strict standards.
The purple design of the packaging has been inspired by the color of the amethyst from New Mexico, where the brand was born. The new design is based on the original products and emphasizes the brand logo.