Extreme Quarantine Kit

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If you are going to be stuck at home for 20-28 days Dr Slim prescribes this 'Self Quarantine Kit - Extreme.' The kit has all the necessities to keep you going through this period while you are indoors.

The kit contains the following

1 X Elements KS

1 X Irie KS 

1 X Juicy Jays Flavoured Papers KS

1 X Dank Tips

1 X Slimjim Gold Pre Rolled Cone

1 X Slimjim White Gold Pre Rolled Cone 

2 X RAW Black KS

1 X Gizeh KS Super Fine

1 X Gizeh KF Extra Fine

1 X Gizeh KS With Tips

1 X Slimjim KS Slims

4 X Slimjim Safety Skins KS 

3 X Slimjim KS Hurri-Cones

1 X RAW Classic KS Cone

1 X RAW Hemp 1 1/4th Cone

2 X Doob Tube

2 X Juicy Jays Hemp Wrap 

1 X RAW Perforated Wide Tips

2 X Babajee Tips

1 X Slimjim Brown Tips

1 X O shiesh Roach Pad

1 X Slimjim Printed Tips

2 X Slimjim Pocket Ashtray

1 X Bic Lighter

1 X Phantom Mint Cigarettes

1 X Mini Hand Sanitizer

All these neatly packed in a handcrafted Wooden box with a push lock system. This kit is going to ensure you are sorted at home for 2-3 weeks without any hassles.