Emist - Mango Magic (10 ML)

Mango - the king of fruits is rightly said! This flavour also brings a lot of texture and fruitiness to the vape.

Mango - the righteous king of fruits; is a new and unique vape juice flavour for vapers. The mango-flavoured eLiquid gives a sweet and hard hit to the throat with thick vapours. The mango flavour e juice is one of the most popular flavours in the winter season in India.

This flavour gives a different texture to the vape and punches in a sweet aftertaste with thick vapors seconds after you vape it! Vapers around the country acknowledge the sweet mango taste in it and are assured about the quality whilst they buy mango vape juice from eMist Liquids. The popularity of this flavour and availability in the most reasonable prices our stores run out on stocks for Mango e-Liquid flavours as soon as they get in.

Flavour Fresh Mango Extracts
Vegetable Glycerin 70
Propylene Glycol 30
Nicotine 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg
Size 10 ml