Emist - Green Apple (10 ML)

Another sweet and tangy addition to our fruit blends is Green Apple! This is a flavour that gives good light hit on the throat and is high in vapor production.

Green Apple is one of those vape flavours that bring you home when it comes to classic fruity e-liquids having a perfect blend of sweet and tangy taste!

The apple flavoured vape juice packs a punch and gives a good throat hit. The green apple e juice was once the most recognized eliquid flavour which got covered behind the blinds with new premium flavours of vape eliquids coming in the market.

It also gives a good vapour production for those of you who like their vapes to have a good cloud-forming potential.

Flavour Fresh Green Apple Extracts
Vegetable Glycerin 70
Propylene Glycol 30
Nicotine 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg
Size 10 ml