1 1/4 Size Premium Paper Box

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Have a birthday coming up and need the perfect kit to gift? This box is the perfect gift for all your tobacco rolling friends. 

This gift box contains all the 1 1/4th Premium Rolling Papers, enough to please the chosen one and a box of dreams for people who roll their own tobacco rollies 

The new contents of the box are listed below  - 

1. Gizeh Black Extra Fine Queen Size. 

2. Gizeh Extra Slim 

3. Gizeh Original Skins

4. Gizeh Pure

5. Smoking Thinnest

6. Smoking Silver Skins.

7. Smoking Brown Skins

8. Smoking Black Skins. 

9. SMK Gold & White

10.Raw Classic Skins. 

11. GreenGo Skins

12. Elements Red Skins. 

13. Canuma 

14. Zig Zag skins.

15. Slimjim Hemp Skins.

16. Slimjim Brown Skins.

17. Slimjim King Size 1 1/4th Skins

18 - Slimjim Roach Pad

19 - Smoking Cotton Filters (15 MM)