Natural American Spirit Cigarette - Light Menthol

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American Spirits Menthol Light Filters use the same premium, additive-free natural tobacco and filter containing granules infused with natural menthol as the full-flavor Menthols. They have added a very porous tipping paper to give the smoke a lighter, mellower taste. Natural American Spirit Menthol cigarettes are made using a special filter that contains granules infused with natural menthol. Other menthol cigarettes are often made using synthetically-derived menthol which is added directly to the tobacco or applied to the cigarette paper. As smoke is drawn through the filter, a cooling, natural menthol vapor is released into the smoke stream. There is another unique benefit to our menthol filter. You can increase the menthol taste by gently rolling the filter between thumb and forefinger. This unique technique allows you to enjoy just the amount of menthol flavor you want. 20 cigarrettes per pack