Joker - Double Apple (10 ML)

A mix of sweet red apples, crisp green apples and tinge of aniseed to recreate perfect vape reminiscent of double apple shisha!

Joker’s double apple e-liquid is an intoxicating blend that instantly makes you feel like you're puffing away on a hookah. With each hit, you'll feel deeply relaxed as the aroma of crisp and sweet apples washes over your senses making you feel like you're lounging at a hookah bar.

As you inhale double apple hookah vape juice; that crisp green apple flavour will gently tickle your taste buds. With every exhale, sweet and familiar red apple taste will continue to intensify beautifully, leaving you feeling unbelievably satisfied and eager to enjoy just one more puff.

If you’re a fan of shisha/hookah? or looking for best double apple vape in India, then it's time to shop double apple flavour e-juice. With 70/30 VG/PG it’s ideal for vapers looking to create some good fog 😤💨 production and for those who wants good throat-hit, 3mg and 6mg nicotine versions are available.

This double apple e-cig juice provides an exact taste of your favourite hookah in a vape form, so go ahead and buy double apple e-juice online from eMist Liquids to indulge the luxurious hookah flavour without the hassle of setting up a shisha.

Flavor Red apples and green apples
Vegetable Glycerin 70
Propylene Glycol 30
Nicotine 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg
Size 10 ml