Emist - Blueberry Blast (10 ML)

Our Blueberry e-liquid flavour has got sweet and tangy written all over it! Another classic flavour catering to our fruit flavour loving audiences.

For those of you who love fruity flavours in their vape juice, Blueberry e liquid is a treat for sure! This Blueberry flavoured e-liquid is a classic fruit-flavour that never disappoints you while vaping! Think about some fresh hand-picked blueberries for making this vape juice! Well, that’s what you taste once you’ve had our best Blueberry Blast vape juice!

Who says blueberries can only be used in pies and muffins? Indulge in a premium vaping experience with our premium vape e-liquid flavour – Blueberry Blast!

Flavour Fresh Blueberry Extracts
Vegetable Glycerin 70
Propylene Glycol 30
Nicotine 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg
Size 10 ml