OUTERBODY Labs - Artisanal Rolling Gear

Born as a result of everything that happened in twentytwenty. OUTERBODY Labs is a Bodyless Artist Lab that manifests Small-Batch HEMP T-Shirts & Artisanal Accessories made in unison with some of the most talented visual Artist’s on Earth.

Where are we from? Earth.
What do we do? Exist.
Who are we? Everybody.

For us concepts like Size, Colour, Race, Religion, Gender are things of the past. Art has no religion. Nor does HEMP. At OUTERBODY Labs Art always comes first. & last. Let’s change this world together. & take our power back. Together.

 OUTERBODY Labs Presents:

The Essential Pouch.

Made with a proprietary blend of Natural HEMP & Organic Cotton, The Essential Pouch is the perfect hand-sized HEMP Pouch that is designed to store and protect your OBL Artisanal Rolling gear & other essential items. It contains:

 1 X OUTERBODY Labs Small-Batch Ultra-Thin

Artisanal HEMP Rolling Papers. (One Sleeve. 60 Leafs)

 1 X OUTERBODY Labs Artisanal Superior Roach Book.

(One Sleeve. 60 Tips)

 OUTERBODY Labs Brand Stickers.

 Surprise Gift.

Here’s the best part. This is what we mean when we say Artisanal Rolling Gear. Our Small-Batch Ultra-Thin HEMP Rolling Paper (yes, we know that’s a lot of words) is made using the finest, natural HEMP Blend in the World. We’re currently delivering only on Earth. We’re hoping to start delivery on the Moon & Mars by 2024. It’s designed for the most consistent & clean smoke. It’s so thin. (& as light as your Soul) You’ll probably see your fingers while you’re rolling your gear. (This really happens) Here’s some more things you should know:


  • Our Sleeve is Custom Designed with a Visual Artist. From somewhere on planet Earth.
  • Each time is a new surprise. Which means each time your purchase The Essential Pouch, you’ll get a Random Rolling Paper Design + a Roach Book Design. (Take that Kinder Surprise)
  • Want to know who designed your Rolling Gear? Look inside Deer. You’ll find information about the Artist & much more.
  • Want to know the features of your Rolling Gear? Flip the pack all the way to the back. & feast your eyes on our features. & on how you can collobrate with OUTERBODY Labs.
  • We belive in collobrating with brands & products that share the same values as OUTERBODY Labs. Which means, you’ll be getting a new surprise gift. Each time. Yes, we know. We’re f******* awesome.


We're currently working on making enough gear, for our Artists to have their gear sold indvidualistically. Please be patient with us, World. This is going to happen soon.


Our first batch of Artisanal Rolling Gear has been designed with the following Artists:


  • Varun Kapoor. 
  • Disha Duggal. 
  • Smoking Cat Studio.
  • Mr. Doodlekar.
  • Art By Lasse.
  • Azra J.
  • Sagar. 


We’re going to keep things fresh & keep coming up with new Artist Collab. Your mind is ordinary. Why should your rolling gear be?

Follow @outerbodylabs on Instagram & stay tuned, Deer.